Starboard Ten, Inc.
Maritime Forensic Services

Maritime Consulting, forensic,

and expert witness services


Providing expert opinions on maritime cases since 1995

Starboard Ten has provided insight, guidance, and expert opinions on a diverse range of maritime incidents across the globe.

Founded by Captain John C. Timmel, a harbor pilot with the Tampa Bay Pilot Association since 1989, Starboard Ten comprises a crew of associates with the expertise and experience needed for a comprehensive understanding of maritime law.

Our team has been retained by both plaintiff and defense attorneys as experts in a variety of cases. Our crew's training and experience have given them the knowledge and unique qualifications to render advice, guidance, opinions, and to provide expert testimony in matters of commercial marine operations and pleasure-craft practices.

We are experts in forensic reconstruction and analysis of maritime accidents, and have the ability to explain complex technical terms, concepts, and phenomena in a manner easily understandable by non-mariners.

We only take on cases in which we feel we are supremely qualified to provide an opinion.

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