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Starboard Ten, Captain Timmel and Captain Richter were responsive and professional from the beginning. Everyone worked on a very abbreviated timeline (and over the Christmas holidays) to ensure that we were prepared for trial. The team went above and beyond what I would expect from an expert witness group. They helped secure a judgment of acquittal for a client charged with seaman’s manslaughter. I highly recommend them for criminal work and will be using them in my next civil case.
— Michael Sheesley, Esquire; Michael L. Sheesley, PC - Attorneys at Law; St. Thomas, Virgin Islands

Captain Timmel is one of the best experts I have ever worked with. His incredible experience with maritime issues and his resume speak for themselves. His ability to couple this impressive background with a plain-spoken and easy to understand method of explaining the issues to judges and juries makes him unique in his field. I would add that in addition to providing invaluable testimony, he truly helped me understand my own case in a way that changed how I argued it. I have no doubt that but for Captain Timmel, my client would not be a free man today; he’d be a convicted felon serving 10-15 years in prison.
— Mr. Christopher H. Brown, Esquire; Attorney & Founding Partner, Brown, Suarez, Rios & Weinberg, P.A; Fort Myers & Punta Gorda, FL

Captain John Timmel has an exceptional depth of knowledge of maritime forensics; his research for the specific issues in our case went beyond all expectation; he communicates technical subjects in a way that can be understood by laymen, and in a manner that is engaging and persuasive; he made the best expert witness I have had the privilege to present to a court in over thirty years of practicing law—simply put his expertise won the case for us.
— Mr. William Mallory Kent, Esquire; Attorney & Founder, William Kent Attorney at Law; Jacksonville, FL

We were recently involved in a maritime case in Cincinnati, Ohio, and engaged Captain John Timmel as our expert. With his experience and knowledge as an active pilot, Captain Timmel was able to quickly evaluate the liability issues and produce a well-written and credible report that ultimately resulted in a favorable settlement. He was always well-prepared and responsive, and his common sense approach to the complicated case was the key to our ultimate success. I would not hesitate to recommend Captain Timmel as an expert and would not represent a party in a maritime case without his involvement.
— Mr. Ralph Burnham, Esquire; Attorney & Partner, Montgomery, Rennie & Jonson; Cincinnati, OH

I’ve been practicing admiralty and maritime law in the State of Florida for over 20 years and during that time have utilized and cross-examined numerous maritime expert witness. Captain Timmel is the forerunner in the field. His thoroughness, conviction, and intelligence is unmatched. I would comfortably state that he is the best maritime expert in the State of Florida on navigation and piloting vessels including large ocean going vessels and pleasure crafts, yachts and boats.
— Mr. Anthony Cuva, Esquire; Trial Lawyer & Founding Partner, Bajo Cuva Cohen & Turkel; Tampa, FL

I recently attended a seminar in which Captain John Timmel presented about U.S. federal rule changes for expert witnesses. The topic had the potential to be very dull, especially for a lay audience. Captain Timmel however, brought the topic to life, made it interesting and, more importantly, why it was important. He exhibited the rare quality of being able to step outside himself and observe from the audience’s view point.
— Mr. James F. Campise, Esquire; Attorney, Cozen O’Connor; New York, NY

Captain Timmel consistently exhibited a vast knowledge in all things maritime. He brought knowledge, experience, and passion to the table. He went far and beyond in his preparation by not only intensely reviewing all materials relating to a voluminous case but also conducting his own independent statutory and legal research. His effort and hard work shed light on new avenues of defense and helped secure a wildly favorable disposition. I would recommend Captain Timmel’s services to anyone.
— Keeley R. Karatinos, Esquire; Attorney, Mander Law Group; Dade City, FL

I recently retained Captain Timmel in a case involving an accident between two recreational boats. Captain Timmel’s command of the facts, his acute attention to detail and his expertise proved to be the difference in the case. Through his very thorough boat and scene inspection, and his reconstruction of the accident, Captain Timmel provided invaluable insight, explanations and opinions - and he did so in a way that was relatable and easy to understand. Captain Timmel’s expertise was crucial to reaching resolution in the case. His expertise is unmatched and his professionalism is unwavering. I look forward to the opportunity to work with Captain Timmel again in the future.
— Ms. Rebecca Woltjer, Esquire; Attorney, Law Offices of Patricia E. Garagozlo; Tampa, FL

Captain Timmel has spoken at several seminars I have attended and he never fails to excite and educate his audience. I have also utilized Captain Timmel’s company, Starboard Ten Inc., for several casualty cases I have handled involving maritime accidents and pilotage. Captain Timmel has that rare ability to bridge the gap between maritime law and practical real world experience to bring a great understanding to an audience, whether it is a judge, jury or industry professionals. His recent presentation on expert witness rules at the Tampa Bay Mariner’s Club Seminar was appreciated by all levels of listeners, including lawyers, insurance professionals and surveyors who were in attendance. I highly recommend him as a speaker, or expert.
— Mr. Matthew Valcourt, Esquire; Attorney & Shareholder, Fowler White Burnett; Miami, FL

I had the opportunity to work with Captain Timmel in the case of Marshalls 201 versus the United States of America. His expert assistance in this landmark case was clear, impartial and complete and his fact-analysis and explanation of the technology held up under an aggressive cross-examination. The solid foundation of his technical knowledge was unimpeachable. Captain Timmel’s practical experience came through in his ability to interpret scientific and engineering facts in a way that could be understood by lawyers lacking in a technical background. This is a rare but essential talent necessary for presentations to Judges and Juries. Captain Timmel was able to give a chronological history of the pertinent maritime technology and bring it to life with stories of his personal knowledge of other incidents on the ocean. Captain Timmel added an essential dimension to the academic presentation of the evidence and was pivotal in the positive outcome of the case.
— Mr. Mikel W. Schwab, Esquire; Assistant United States Attorney, Civil Chief United States Attorney's Office; Districts of Guam & the Northern Marianas Islands

Captain John Timmel served as an expert witness for us in a maritime case in the recent past. It was obvious that he has exceptional expertise in all aspects of maritime matters, whether relating to small or large vessels. His experience is greatly broadened by being in the active practice of piloting these vessels, and is often called upon to handle difficult navigational issues involving ships entering and leaving port. I recommend him very highly for both forensic as well as operational maritime activities.
— Mr. Robert O. Stripling, Jr., Esquire; Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer, Stripling & Stripling. P.A;. Gainesville, FL

It is with pleasure and gratitude that we share comments on our experience with Captain John Timmel in a premises liability case involving a slip and fall from a boat. A necessary part of any litigation matter involves working with expert witnesses and it is critical to find an expert who is knowledgeable, credible, flexible, and pleasant. Without hesitation, Captain Timmel met and exceeded in each of these criteria. He was a consummate professional and incredibly responsive in addition to the aforementioned qualities. Our experience at each phase of the litigation was superior because of his professionalism and dedication. Captain Timmel offered useful insight and relatable opinions that emphasized his degree of competence, humility, and integrity. We look forward to another opportunity to work with Captain Timmel in the future.
— Ms. Heidi B Panepinto, Esquire; Trial Attorney, Wicker Smith O'Hara McCoy & Ford P.A.; Naples, FL

I highly recommend Captain Timmel for any litigation attorney in need of a qualified Maritime Law Expert. Apart from being a pleasure to work with, Captain Timmel’s exceptional work played a vital role in securing a favorable settlement for my clients in their case against the United States.
— Chase Florin, Esquire; Attorney & Partner, Florin|Roebig, PA; Palm Harbor, FL

I am a trial lawyer in Nashville, Tennessee, with 34 years of experience. I have had the privilege of working with Captain John Timmel as a consulting expert. He is clear in his requests for information, prompt in his responses to our requests for his evaluation, and focused in his assessment of the issues. Our clients were well served by his participation in their litigation.
— Mr. C. J. Gideon, Jr., Esquire; Attorney & Founding Partner, Gideon, Cooper & Essary, PLC; Nashville, TN

I have been involved in cases in which Captain Timmel has been retained as an expert. At all times I have found him to be very prepared, knowledgeable and articulate in stating his opinions.
— Mr. John McLaughlin, Esquire; Attorney & Principal; Wagner, Vaughan & McLaughlin; Tampa, FL

Captain Timmel is an extremely knowledgeable and thoughtful expert witness who takes great care to ensure that his testimony is accurate, well-supported and thorough, as well as artfully articulated in a manner that is compelling and easy to understand. He was a pleasure to work with.
— Ms. Kelly E. Reardon, Esquire; Attorney & Founder, The Reardon Law Firm, P.C.; New London, CT